Five reasons to write historical fiction by Sophie Dash

April 2016

Carina UK are taking a #StepBackInTime this weekend and talking all things Historical. We’re delighted that Regency author Sophie Dash is here to take us through her top five reasons for writing historical fiction…

A class system to revolt against, delicious scandals to fire gossip and pistols at dawn. While working on my latest historical romance To Wed a Rebel, I was immersed in the regency era. Historical fiction captures our imaginations, makes our hearts beat a little faster, and takes us to a place that’s far enough removed from the modern world, while still holding familiarity.

Here are my five reasons why I love writing historical fiction.

  1. Social Conventions and Traditions

In the regency era especially, words have more meaning – and can lead to dire misunderstandings and comedy. These are the days when men would kill one another for the sake of honour and back then a slight wound could be mortal.

Some could argue that the way society was structured could be limiting to a writer, but it’s the opposite: the challenge that comes with working inside those boundaries is an enjoyable one.

  1. Technology

Delving back to a time before all our modern distractions and solutions can add excitement. A character cannot simply pick up the phone to resolve an argument, nor do an online search if they’re trapped in an impossible situation. Our heroes and heroines have to rely on themselves – or each other – if they’re to survive.

  1. Scenery

Ah, England! I am obsessed with the countryside and it’s as much a feature in my writing as the characters themselves. Put me in a city with towering buildings, severe glass and self-service machines, and I will adopt a Hulk-like rage. Watching the recent TV adaptation of Poldark had me longing for Cornwall (and, alright, Aidan Turner half-naked in a cornfield, you got me).

  1. Balls

Ahem, the kind with dancing. Music, minuets and murder! Every historical romance fan knows the best scenes take place at a ball; think back to Mr Darcy’s memorable “not handsome enough to tempt me” line. A dance can be the tipping point. Sparks can fly between a couple, despite the obstacles they face, leading them down a dark and perilous road.

  1. The Heroes and Heroines

The headstrong woman who battles the odds, while remaining true to herself. The brooding hero who finds redemption and an enduring love at the same time. Swoon!

I love writing historical fiction for the same reason I love reading it. It is the ultimate escape from modern life, its troubles and stresses. Of course, there’s still an alluring danger waiting on each page, from that mysterious heir to a large fortune and many secrets, to the roguish smuggler on the Wessex roads, to the handsome ex-sailor far too fond of brawling…

Nothing the right woman won’t fix, eh?


And you can pre-order Sophie Dash’s fabulous new book, To Wed A Rebel here: