Louisa George – THE CALL!

August 2016

Brand new Carina author Louisa George has shared with us her journey to becoming a Carina author, and her excitement about brand new novel The Secret Art of Forgiveness.


Dreams can come true!

In some way or another I’ve always written stories. A long time ago, when I was a student nurse, I was told my patient case studies were too vivid and more like novels, and to ‘tone them down’! When traveling to and from work on the bus I’d either have my nose in a book or I was people-watching, making up stories about my co-travelers’ lives (and boy, did they have interesting adventures, in my head at least!).


Over the last five years I’ve written over a dozen books for Mills and Boon’s Medical and Modern Tempted lines, and I’ve loved every romance story I’ve created. But I also had a dream of writing a book that explored wider issues, about things women have to face these days, and to put my own spin on them. I wanted my heroine to be challenged, but also to have some fun along the way!


When I read some of Carina UK’s wonderful stories and saw their utterly divine covers I knew they were the publisher I wanted. Problem was… the road to publication isn’t always a smooth one, and the book of your heart may not be the book of everyone else’s. So, I began a bumpy road of writing and rewriting… on repeat. There was so much to learn!


Somehow, though, I must have done something right, because one day back in early May I received a cryptic email from my lovely editor asking if she could call me. Er… yes! When she did it was to offer me a two book contract starting with The Secret Art of Forgiveness.


I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be writing for my dream publisher, and to have such a beautiful Carina UK cover too! Pinch me!


The Secret Art of Forgiveness is published on the 1st of September and is available for pre-order now!