My own bookish ‘ Moments at Sunrise ’

April 2016

In celebration of her latest book, One Moment at Sunrise, Karen Aldous is taking us through the moments in her life that changed everything…

I think I always had an inkling I wanted to write, even at an early age; I loved any stationary, pencils, paper, writing pads, pens and always wanted my own typewriter and took great pleasure in just practising my handwriting.  It wasn’t until I was in my teens that my obsession with these items dawned. It was reading teen-story magazines and when reading one novel in particular which made me scratch and say to myself – I could write that! Hmm, yes, of course I tried. I had a characters, a plot and a beginning…and after a few chapters, it all came to a halt. But that fire in my belly never waned!

Writing continued. A notepad went everywhere with me and during family holidays, I would start a story or write travel articles but never really believed I could be a professional writer and time was always the enemy. The partial novels often stayed on the computers in the loft or in my head. Until that is, I was faced with my own mortality. The day I took my mother to her first chemotherapy treatment was when I grasped the reality – life was short and luckily Mum had filled her life with her family and her dancing. I am blessed with a wonderful family but, I hadn’t fulfilled my own dream. I pulled out my notebook and seized the moment by getting my novel on to the page. Mum often slept through the four-hour treatments and so I spent the time I would usually be working, writing. I realised that that could have been me in that chair, wired up to medication…none of us know what was around the corner.

I had to act. I made a plan. A few months later, in January 2012 I applied to get on to the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers Scheme. It worked. I was accepted. Eureka! The very next day I read an article about a local Creative Writing Novel Class in Writer’s Monthly. I rang, and that evening, I was sitting in The Write Place and meeting my tutor and some very lovely writers with various levels of publishing experience, honing my skills receiving much support and encouragement, and together a few of us attended the numerous events and workshops meeting so many professional authors at the RNA. My belief in myself rose. I wrote most of my novel that year and completed it after my mother’s death in 2013, sending it off for critique at the RNA NWS and, sending it to a publisher.

Two months later, my very own Moment at Sunrise emerged. I received an email from Carina UK offering me a two-book publishing deal and, in May 2014, my first novel, The Vineyard, was published. Karen Aldous, the author, was born. I was euphoric. I still am, and still get that same buzz when a new title is launched. And, of course will keep working hard in the hope that these moments continue.


One Moment at Sunrise by Karen Aldous is available now!